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The deforming factor of the shelf?

时间:2017-09-11 09:09:08  Author:admin  Source:本站
The deforming factor of the shelf? The shelf is a kind of frame structure, it can make full use of the warehouse space, thus improve the utilization of the storage capacity and enlarge the storage capacity of the warehouse, which is the most common shelf function. Can let the goods stored in the shelves, not squeeze each other, reduce the loss of materials, can guarantee the function of the material itself, reduce the loss of the goods. The goods on the shelves are easy to access, easy to count and measure. Can guarantee the quality of storage goods, usually take measures such as moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-theft, anti-damage, etc., to improve the material storage quality. Today, we will read the reasons for the deformation of shelves:

The shelf factory teaches you the reasons for the deformation of shelves:
1, the placement of goods shelves over wuhan layer, namely the shelves at the time of purchase, warehouse shelves manufactured according to the selection of the layer corresponds to the material, and if in the actual use, wuhan shelves more than the weight of the goods when select material, the weight of the wuhan shelves deformation occurs.

2. Uneven weight distribution will result in the deformation of the storage shelves in wuhan; When placing the goods, the weight of each load is concentrated in the middle part, while neither side has the weight of the cargo, which is bound to cause shelf deformation.

3, improper handling equipment operation, sometimes, use the unit in the goods in handling equipment such as forklifts, as a result of the driver problem, lead to the forklift hit the shelves, shelves deformation resulting in wuhan.

4, the material selection for this reason, customers at the time of purchase shelf, would inevitably encounter some bad shelves manufacturers, to cut corners, of others, so that the wuhan shelves deformation occurred.
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After we know the deformations of the shelves, we'll show you how to use the shelves properly
1. The surface of the shelf is made of rust prevention, but it is important to pay attention to the moisture protection during the use. The shelves need to be wiped clean after the damp, to prevent the shelves from rusting, especially to pay attention to the interface position of the shelves, which is easy to rust.
2. Don't overload the shelves during use. Each shelf has its maximum carrying capacity, which has been fixed in its design, so do not overcharge during use and avoid safety hazards.
3. Pay attention to the size of the goods on the card board. Regular card and goods should be less than 100mm in size.
4. Handle the cargo in a light way and avoid hitting the shelves.
5. Adhere to the principle of putting heavy objects at the top of the shelf.
6. Must choose the quality card board, do not use the non-standard card board.
7. When the goods are stored in the shelves, the personnel should not enter the bottom of the shelves, safety first.