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The shelf use principle of the shelf of the narrow roadway

时间:2017-09-11 09:09:50  Author:admin  Source:本站
The main body of the shelf system is the beam type shelf system, the difference is that the bottom floor of the shelf is equipped with the "three to stacking forklift" operation guide. The guide rail USES unequal Angle steel. Material handling forklift is limited to special "three to stacking forklift". The forklift truck runs along the established guide rail. The stacking channel width of the shelf system is slightly greater than the width of pallet cargo, and the high density storage needs are realized. At the same time, all the advantages of the beam shelf system are inherited. All the materials received by the shelf system are available in 100% optional, and the forklift can store any pallet of goods at any time. Rapid storage efficiency, very high storage density, for the storage and logistics center suitable for narrow roadway shelf system, is a significant production efficiency and cost benefit.
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